How to create a rescue disk on McAfee VirusScan?

When talking about the antivirus which comes up with a total protection as well as deep or multi-layer protection on your devices connected with it then McAfee( stuck up. It counts on top 3 best antiviruses and gets compatible with almost all the devices and platforms.

Rescue Disk is the utility which helps you in creating a bootable floppy disk that is used up while restarting the PC. It scans the viruses which bother you in opening it normally.

Note- You need to have an uninterrupted internet connection as well as needs to visit link while downloading and activating it. The product is available for PC with FAT (version 16 and 32) hard-disk partition only.


To create a Rescue Disk on McAfee VirusScan, follow the steps as given below-

  1. On a normal PC, you need to insert a floppy disk on Drive.

Tips– Go for scanning both PC as well as floppy disk, to save them from getting infected.

  1. Point out to the VirusScan, after right-clicking on the McAfee main window.
  2. Click on the option ‘Create Rescue Disk’ and the dialog box gets open.
  3. Select the option ‘Create’ to create Rescue Disk.

Note- If this is the first time you’re creating the rescue disk then message will pop-up that the rescue disk needs to download the image file for the rescue disk. Select the option ‘Ok’ to download it now or ‘Cancel’ to download it later.

A warning message will accompany you letting you know that the contents of the floppy disk may get lost.

  1. Click the option ‘Yes’ to continue creating the Rescue Disk.
  2. The creation message will show up in the ‘Creation of the Rescue Disk’ dialog box.
  3. When the ‘Rescue disk created’ page appears, select the option ‘Ok’.
  4. Then close the dialog box ‘Rescue disk created’.
  5. Remove the Rescue Disk from the Drive.
  6. Write-protect it.
  7. Save it in a safe location.

In case, you wanted to setup write-protecting a Rescue-Disk, then you need to follow the steps as given-

  • You need to turn the floppy disk label-side down.
  • Locate the write-down tab.
  • Slide the tab so that the hole is visible.

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