How to shred unwanted files using McAfee activate?

While deleting files or programs from your Windows phone or computer, you may encounter that data is not deleting completely. Although, it is an intelligent feature for you might need to recover the same piece of data. The deleted data can be recovered anytime again. However, to delete the data forever, use McAfee security /McAfee mobile security system. it will help you to shred unwanted files from your system.

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Some of these files may be important system files, while some of them can be junk. So make sure of all the unnecessary files that you want to delete from your PC securely, McAfee Activate is the best option for you. The setting to shred unwanted files has 7-step procedure.

McAfee mobile security for Windows-based phones has a file Shredding feature, which helps to delete unwanted files permanently. Those files will never be recovered. To shred unwanted files that contain personal or sensitive information that you never want to be retrieved.  Please make sure that you have an account on else, you will fail to perform these mentioned steps.

Follow McAfee mobile security files shredding instructions:

  1. Click and open McAfee software on your Windows mobiles or system.
  2. Now, click on My Privacy.
  3. Click on Shred Unwanted files.
  4. In McAfee Shredder window, select the folders that you want to shred. You can select the Recycle Bin, the Temporary Internet Files and then click ‘Let me choose’ option to specify the folders.

Attention! Please be attentive at the time of deleting files, as it is unrecoverable and will be deleted permanently from your system.

  1. There are many types of Shred you want to perform, so choose one.
    • Quick: the fastest shred option
    • Basic: it is also fast but more in depth.
    • Safe: it is slow but provides additional security.
    • Comprehensive: provides more security.
    • Complete: it completely eliminates the targeted data.
  2. After doing the above steps you have to click on ‘Shred’. If you have selected ‘Let me choose’ for your shred file location, you are prompted to select the folder to shred.
  3. At last, on the confirmation screen click ‘Shred.

In any case, if you face any kind of problem then open Due to up gradation there might be a slight change in these above steps, So be updated.

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