Steps to set up McAfee Personal Firewall to permit inbound connections.

McAfee is the most trustworthy computer security company all around the world. It delivers the most effective antivirus to ensure long-term security of the Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The anti-viruses offered by McAfee facilitate so many people to achieve success in terms of data protection. You can be assured that all your important data is safe and no one can steal it for the ill-purposes. Like the other products such as mcafee mis retail card, McAfee Personal Firewall, the specialized software delivered by this cybersecurity brand allows only the reliable connections.

It is so likely to be happened that while allowing the other remote network connections your computer may come under malicious programs. However, configuring Personal Firewall, which has advanced level of security, blocks unsafe connections automatically.

mcafee personal firewall

Take a look on these steps how to open the ports in Personal Firewall:

  • Identify your ports
  • Now, open the McAfee security user interface
  • Click ‘Web and Email Protection’,
  • Click ‘Firewall’
  • Now, click ‘Port and System Services’ ,
  • Click ‘Add’
  • Type your P2P name in the ‘Service Name’ field
  • Go the Local / IP Ports , type the TCP data of your P2P (gathered data while identifying the ports)
  • Go the Local / UDP Ports, type the UDP data of your P2P (gathered data while identifying the ports)
  • In ‘Open Ports to,’ choose ‘All PCs’ from the drop down
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Restart the PC
  • Check if the application functions correctly

Important tip:

(Choosing ports to remain open on router and computer may invite some unsafe connections. So, please be ensure the security of your system)

For more information how to configure McAfee Personal Firewall or any McAfee Product via, you can call the customer care number.

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