How to allow a website/content blocked by McAfee Net Guard?

McAfee Net Guard is McAfee’s Firewall function that monitors every incoming connection to your device. It immediately blocks suspicious or risky connection to ensure the security of your personal information. The dedicated security solution keeps a strict vigil over your web activities so that no virus can intrude the layer of protection created around your device for the security of your software/apps and the privacy of your confidential data.

Net Guard runs hundreds of security checks and it also has a pre-defined collection of known good and known bad IP addresses and domain names. If you attempt to access a website which falls under bad domain names then Net Guard won’t allow you do that. However, if you want to file a rating dispute and allow a few blocked websites then this article is for you.

(Important Note- Before you allow a website that has been blocked by McAfee Net Guard (accessible via, make sure that website is trustworthy.)

First check the rating of the website from by following these steps:

  1. On the Check Single URL screen, go to Please Select drop-down
  2. Choose McAfee Real-time Database
  3. Now, enter the domain name/URL/IP address in the box
  4. Hit Check URL
  5. Go through the categorization
  6. If you disagree with how it’s been categorized then follow these steps to raise and submit your dispute:
    • Check the categorization and below that, add 3 or less categorization suggestions you think are appropriate
    • Enter an optional comment to describe the reason
    • Hit Submit URL for Review

To access a website blocked by Mcafee Net Guard, follow these instructions:

  1. Access your McAfee activate interface
  2. Go to Web and Email Protection or hit the Gear icon available at the top-right corner
  3. Choose Firewall
  4. Go down and hit Net Guard
  5. Choose the IP Address available for the website you want to access
    • You can use a IP address or DNS lookup tool
  6. Hit Edit and then modify Block to Allow
  7. Hit Save or Apply to implement the changes
  8. You can now access that website

For further information on this product or how to redeem mcafee mtp retail card, call McAfee customer support team.

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