May 7, 2018 card – Download & Install McAfee Retail Card

McAfee Activate is one of the well-known companies that have been working since years for securing the data and devices of its users against the online threats like viruses, spyware and other cyber attacks. All the McAfee products have various incredible features like On Access Scanner, File Shredder, Fast Scanning and many more. Thus, to make the devices protected against the online threats, the users need to follow a set of three processes i.e. download, install and activate.

All the McAfee products can be purchase or download to the device by using either the online or the offline method. When the users wish to Download McAfee product via online method then, they require the internet connection. While in the offline method, the users need to visit the nearby retail shops for purchasing the McAfee offline pack.

What is McAfee MTP Retail Card?

When the users purchase the McAfee MTP offline pack from the retail cards, it consists of a CD pack that contains the McAfee MTP software. Apart from the CD pack, a card is attached at the back of the McAfee MTP offline pack known as the McAfee MTP retail cards. This McAfee MTP retail card contains a link (activation link) that allows the users to download the McAfee MTP product over the internet connection instead of inserting the CD to the CD/ DVD drive of the system. The McAfee MTP product downloaded in such manner ensures that the product is of the latest version.

Apart from the activation link, the McAfee Retail Card contains a 25-character alphanumeric license keycode known as the mcafee activate product key. This McAfee Activate Keycode that allows the users to activate the services or the features involved in the McAfee MTP or the McAfee product installed by the users on their device.

Before initiating the activation process, there are some prerequisites that need to fulfill by the users. Some of the prerequisites have been list below:

  1. Ensure that all the latest updates have been install to the operating system.
  2. The system should meet the minimum system requirements of the McAfee MTP product i.e. the product should be compatible with the system.
  3. The entire conflicting programs that might cause installation or activation errors (i.e. run-time errors) to the device should be uninstalled from the system.
  4. Make sure that the system should be free from all the junk files in the temporary files and folders.
  5. The McAfee MTP subscription should be valid.

How to activate the Card?

The Activation plays a vital role as this process ensures that the McAfee MTP product has been install by the authorized users only so as to avoid the fraud usage of the services by users. By following the step wise procedure detailed below, the users can easily activate the McAfee MTP product by using the McAfee MTP Retail Cards:

  1. Firstly, open the web browser like Google Chrome on the device.
  2. Now, copy the activation link to the URL bar of the web browser and then, hit the “Enter” key.
  3. The activation page will appear on the screen.
  4. On this activation page, manually select the “Country” and the “Language” as specified on the McAfee MTP Retail cards.
  5. If the page automatically selects the regions then, make sure that they are correct.
  6. Also, type the email address and the 25-character license keycode i.e. McAfee MTP Activation Keycode in the corresponding fields.
  7. After this, click the “Submit” button.
  8. Before preceding the activation process, make sure that the details entered by the users should be correct, when prompted.
  9. And if the details have been entered incorrectly then, the users can make changes by clicking the “Edit” option.
  10. At last, click the “Verify” button and follow the set of instructions displayed on the screen for continuing the activation process.

Contact the Customer Support on the McAfee toll-free number, if you face any difficulty while performing the aforementioned step wise procedure of activating the McAfee MTP using the Card.

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