January 7, 2019

McAfee AntiVirus Plus – McAfee Activate – McAfee AntiVirus

McAfee antivirus is a preeminent antivirus designed for business and personal use. It keeps its database updated with all the latest virus definition and blocks it before it intrudes into your data. The problem of cyber crime has increased with time, therefore McAfee activate has put forward various security software for different uses.

With an active subscription of any of its products, such as McAfee antivirus plus, users can keep away cyber and internet risks.

McAfee Product range –

  • McAfee antivirus plus
  • Complete Data Protection
  • Device Control
  • Web Protection
  • Threat Intelligence Exchange
  • Endpoint Security and more

If you are an existing user, keep the software up-to-date and active for highest protection level.

Check your subscription

Generally, the antivirus keeps the user notifying about the subscription expiry date. It helps you to remember that you need to renew the product before it stops protecting your device. However, if you have disabled notifications or do not receive any pop-up, it is better to know about your subscription details.

From your mcafee.com/activate account, go to the account details section. Check McAfee activate last validity date and if it is going to expire soon, follow the instructions below to renew the license.

Is your subscription expired? Renew it now

  1. Go to mcafee.com/activate and click on McAfee icon
  2. Click my account
  3. Log in to your account using McAfee antivirus plus credentials
  4. From your profile, click My Info
  • You will see a warning or message to renew the software with the option of ‘Renew’ and ‘Not now’
  1. Click Renew
  2. Choose a package
  3. Complete the billing and your McAfee antivirus plus activation key will be renewed
  4. Use the product key to locate it at mcafee.com/activate
  5. Click submit
  6. Click ‘download your software’ and install McAfee on your PC

Your McAfee antivirus plus is now renewed. To confirm, run a scan task to see if it is working properly or showing any error.

To avoid the product renewal process, you can also enable McAfee auto-renewal feature. This will automatically renew the subscription on time and you remain under the protective shield. Refer to the instructions below and turn on auto-renewal of the software.

Turn on/off McAfee Auto Renewal

  1. Log in to your account associated with mcafee.com/activate
  2. From My Account page, click My Account, and then go to My Profile
  3. Click Update option from Account Information
  4. Type in your new email address in its respective field and click Save to keep the changes

This will help you cut down any extra effort to renew product subscription. Yet, it is possible to face error(s), some could be critical and some common.

Common McAfee Activate errors

  • McAfee verify subscription not working
  • Cannot access mcafee.com/activate account
  • McAfee auto-renewal not working
  • Product renewal failure
  • Unlicensed software
  • Expired McAfee activation key code
  • Unable to buy a McAfee subscription

More such errors can take place. Regardless of the errors, you can get support from the expert to find an accurate fix. If you encounter a critical issue that affects your computer’s performance, immediately look for an expert’s assistance.

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