How to protect your social media accounts from the hackers?

Social media is not just about uploading photos, videos or chatting with your friends; it has a number of other features to maintain the privacy of your data and security of your account. And, if you don’t pay attention to both these things, you could be the next target of the hackers who attack the website with large user base.

These cybercriminals can take over your account and ultimately your personal photos, videos and other media files stored in it. According to recent reports by the top cybersecurity companies such as McAfee, it has been revealed that users with zero or less privacy are more likely to get hacked. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to make necessary privacy and security settings for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

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Below-given tips can help you ditching the hackers:

Create strong passwords for all social media 

Passwords such as “abc@123, abcdef, 123456” and more are easy to crack. Therefore, it is recommended to set a strong password, which includes a combination of capital letters, special symbols, numbers, and small alphabets. You can also download McAfee SafeKey from, which is a password management system that can store your passwords securely and minimizes the trouble of remembering different passwords for your different social media accounts.

Don’t publicize everything

Keeping your social media account along with your personal photos and videos private is a great way of tricking the cybercrooks. Fortunately, every social media website comes up with strict privacy and security settings that can help you protect your account.

Get McAfee Internet Security

Installing McAfee Internet Security using the McAfee Retail Card can do wonders. This specialized security program keeps an eye on your web activities and makes sure that no one can steal your important data.

Don’t ignore your instincts

If you feel someone else has the access of your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account and he/she is posting on your behalf then take an immediate action by changing your password. This can prevent the mishap.

To get the aforementioned McAfee products, visit the official website of McAfee.

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