How McAfee can help you prevent Pinkslipbot attacks?

Pinkslipboat is a specialized malware designed to steal the personal as well as financial information of the computer users. The malware takes complete control over the victim’s device via a command-based backdoor. It can also look into other systems connected to the infected system through the same computer network. By connecting to its control server, Pinkslipbot can even download the latest version of itself on any device.

Data stolen by this malware gives the hacker the authority to figure out the information about the owner of the system, data about the organization, and location. McAfee, the worldwide popular cybersecurity firm offers the advanced security measures to safeguard against Pinkslipbot. Accessible through, most of the advanced McAfee anti-viruses (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and McAfee Endpoint Security 10) in their premium versions offer complete protection against this malware.


You can also avoid the occurrence of this malware by following these security measures:

  1. Block the way for the unused ports from the entrance point of the network
  2. Also block the connection requests to and from the malicious IP addresses
  3. Go for patch management to avoid the unpatched systems permit vulnerabilities
  4. Most of the victims of the Pinkslipbot are taken to the malicious websites through phishing emails; therefore, it is recommended to think twice before you click any suspicious link
  5. It is advised to perform a complete scan and run a malware-removal tool, if possible

To block this malware enter your device and steal your confidential information, download McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) and McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) 10. Both these McAfee programs come up with advanced detection and cleaning capabilities to maintain the privacy of your data and the protection of your devices.

It delivers multi-level protection which further includes memory detection, static and behavioral techniques, and antirootkit. Additionally, it also employs a number of access protection rules to stop Pinkslipbot from infecting your device. To know more about these McAfee activate anti-viruses’ functioning and how to download them, contact the customer care team of this popular cybersecurity brand.

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