5 Tips to Trick the Hackers from Guessing Your Passwords

Passwords are the most crucial thing for the internet users. Be it your bank’s website, tax filing website, or any shopping portal, almost all of them requires a sign up that ultimately asks a user to set up a password (Of course, a secure one). Passwords, if created and treated carefully can help the users prevent many undesirable situations, particularly the one that may result in the hacking of their account.


Keeping in mind the necessity of password security, it is mandatory to make others especially your family members aware of the importance of the setting up the right and secure passwords. That’s because internet users with ill-intentions wait just for the one moment where they find you lacking in concerning about the security of your account. To help you avoid such situation, I am provided you here five important tips:

  • Strong passwords are difficult to guess

If you or any of your family member has set maria@123 or John@123 (“name@123) as your account(s) password then it may put you in trouble. That’s because passwords like this are quite easy to guess. So, it is recommended to set strong passwords using a combination of numbers, letters and special symbols (if that particular website allows).

  • Don’t put a single password for all your accounts

Although doing this prevents you from the hassle of remembering lots of passwords, it also gives the hackers an ease of hacking your account. And in the attempt of hacking one account, the hacker will also get access to all your other accounts. So, it is advised not to keep a single password for your different accounts; it may be a bit of hassle for you but it will definitely enhance your online security.

  • Keep it private

Don’t share your password with anybody. That’s because in such an advent even the strongest password will not help you keep your account safe. Ask your family members (especially the kids who believe sharing password as a sign of loyalty among the friends) for keeping their password private.

  • Use McAfee TrueKey

To let the users avoid the hassle of remembering too many passwords, McAfee offers a reliable and effective product, TrueKey. McAfee TrueKey requires a single sign with your face or fingerprint and all your important as well as frequently used accounts will get logged in. With it, password management has become automatic. It includes multi-factor authentication to ensure the safety as well as the privacy of your accounts. You can get it from mcafee.com/activate, which is the official website of the McAfee.

  • Two-step verification

Always choose two-step or any other verification for your account. This verification will protect your account from unauthorized access. For instance, if you enter an email ID or phone number as a verification or authentication method in case of resetting your password then the hacker will also need to have an access to both these for recovering your password.

Hope the information was useful!

James Enrique holds the degree of M. Tech from the University of Nottingham and his keen passion towards technical writing has given him new achievements. His passion for writing on technologies and latest devices has indeed made the interface to any device much easier for users. He enjoys writing about the Avast, AVG and McAfee Antiviruses along with all the errors associated with them.

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