- Activate McAfee Antivirus - Activate McAfee is no secret the cyber attacks have become common these days. With a rapid increase in crime has already affected many people across the globe. People running businesses know the worth or data protection and therefore, they rely on a trusted security solution. The awareness of data prevention is now spreading and people are taking a smart decision by choosing to install McAfee antivirus.

What is

McAfee activate is a computer and mobile security software that scans a device and removes any threat if found. The antivirus is counted among top security solutions. It offers a wider range of products and features that are highly user-friendly. Every McAfee antivirus may look similar but the functions are diverse.

To install McAfee, you can go with online and offline methods. For installing the software via an online source, visit or a third-party seller website. Amazon, eBay and other such sites offer the software.

Can I install a free McAfee antivirus?

Thankfully, some of the McAfee activate products are available for a free trial version. Here, a user does need not to buy a subscription or McAfee 25 digit code for activation. One can enjoy free software until its expiry.

To Install McAfee without activation code, do these:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the McAfee activate icon on the top of the login form/ activation form
  3. From the main page, click the ‘Free Trials’ button
  4. Press the ‘Free Download’ button which is extended for up to 10 devices
  5. The file will auto download
  6. Go to Downloads folder and click-right on the McAfee activate package
  7. Click Open and proceed with all the further process

The installation will take a little time. Meanwhile, the installation process, do not shut down the PC or suspend the running task. Doing so will result in McAfee error 0 or McAfee installation error. In contrary, if you still see the error even after following the manual process, run McAfee virtual technician tool.

Besides, those users who have a pre-installed McAfee activate antivirus can skip the above process. Instead, check for available updates of renewal of the product if expired or going to expire.

How do I get McAfee activate product key to install licensed antivirus?

From retail store: A stress-free approach for buying a licensed antivirus. Visit your nearest and legitimate retail store and get a McAfee retail card. or third-party websites: As mentioned above, you chose to buy a subscription online. From its official website, creating a McAfee my account page is necessary. Purchasing McAfee activation code from other sites will only require a few steps of billing and code redemption choice.

No matter which mode you select to get the activation code, creating profile is a mandatory step for downloading and installing the software. Moreover, if you have been using a free version or have installed the software using a disk, accessing the profile is the first step for McAfee activate renewal.

To install McAfee with product key, do these:

  1. Locate your McAfee 25 digit activation code at
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Next, you will have the option to ‘Download your software’
  4. Click on the button and you will get an activated McAfee antivirus

Do I need to reinstall the antivirus after renewal?

No, you do not need to reinstall the software after renewal. It will only be required when you switch to another product. Considering that you have McAfee total protection, but now you want to switch with McAfee LiveSafe. In such a case, you need to uninstall McAfee total protection before installing a different product.

To renew the software without needing to uninstall it, do these:

  1. Launch McAfee activate UI on your computer’s screen
  2. Click ‘My account’
  3. Select Auto-renewal
  4. Press the slider button to enable auto-renewal setting

This will help you get rid of performing the renewal process every time the antivirus expires. Additionally, constant protection will be maintained on all the data and software.

Another important part or renewal updated. Stay updated with any new feature or change of the software.

To check McAfee product updates, do these

  • Launch the software or login its online account
  • Under the protection category on the main page, click Updates
  • Now, click ‘Check for updates’.

From here, you can install any available updates. With some simple download and install steps, you can protect all the priceless data. Safeguarding your media files and business details is possible with McAfee activate.

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